A Patent Lawyer at the Utah Film Awards: Wes Austin and The IP Section Pilot Episode Both Nominated

At the 2017 Utah Film Awards, Wesley L. Austin and “The IP Section” short film were nominated for four awards:

  • Made-in-Utah Short Film
  • Best Short Film – English-Speaking
  • Best Director of a Short Film
  • Best Lead Actor in a Short Film

The short documentary “My Dream’s A Joke: The True Story Behind The IP Section” was also nominated in the following category:

  • Best Documentary – Short Film

The awards show was held at The Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, Utah in April 2017. It was a black tie and red carpet affair complete with press interviews that were streamed live on Facebook.

Wes presented awards in two categories. (1) Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film, awarded to Nicola Posener for her performance in Mythica: The Necromancer; and (2) Best Supporting Actress in a Short film or Series awarded to LaTeace Towns-Cuellar for her performance in Charlie’s Gift. Many people had told Wes he looked familiar that night, so he took this opportunity at the microphone to set things straight— He looked familiar because he took third place at the Box Elder county spelling bee in 198—sometime in the 80s.

The best part of the evening came when Wes won Best Lead Actor in a Short Film or Series. No one was more surprised that he was (and we have the video footage to prove it.) Other actors nominated in the same category included:

  • Barrett Ogden – Creatures of Whitechapel
  • Mark Houser – Gallup
  • Patrick Lubczyk – Love, Colin
  • Stephen Lesser – Penrose
  • Judson Vaughan – Soul Breaker
  • Mason D. Davis – The Next Door
  • Danny Shepherd – The Trap
  • Robert Cope – Tricked & Trapped
  • Brian Ibsen – White Wings

It was a great night for Wes and The IP Section. We are honored to have been nominated in so many categories. We are grateful to the Utah Film Awards for their time and efforts in putting together such a great event for Utah filmmakers and patent lawyers with dreams.

Click here to see the full list of nominations and winners for the Utah Film Awards.

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