“My Dream’s a Joke” Clip: The Great Unknown

Is it possible to film a professional TV sitcom pilot with a lead actor who has never acted? This clip from the “My Dream’s a Joke” gives a glimpse into what the cast and crew think about Wes Austin’s decision to write, produce and star in “The IP Section” TV pilot with no prior experience in the biz.

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  • Jill Adler

    It was obvious during the audition that he and the other two women in the room knew nothing about casting. They were very nice people but for an experienced actor it does makes you squeamish. As much as we all want to be hired and work, you also worry about whether an inaugural project like this will ever get finished. I wasn’t cast and that’s A-ok. I hope Wes shows everyone. You gotta start somewhere (except usually actors start with classes and extra work). It’ll be interesting to see if the crew can make this look and sound professional. Break a leg!

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