What Happens When Santa Has an Open Mic Night for Elf Comedians?

The First and Last Open Mic Night at the North Pole

When you look at the cartoon above, your first thought is probably that it would never happen. You’ve never seen a Christmas movie or read a Christmas story about an open mic night for stand-up comedy at the North Pole. But someone should, really. For anyone that writes this story, I have a few ideas. I won’t give them away now, but I’ve got some good ones.

Maybe I’ll just give you some of what I’m thinking. First, the setting should be at the North Pole in the 1980s. In the 1980s stand-up comedy was exploding, so that would be the best time for elves to have gotten involved in doing stand-up comedy. Obviously the main character should be a rebellious elf who stole a copy of a Sam Kinison CD from inventory and listened to it whenever he worked out. Ok, no more ideas. You’ll have to figure the rest out for yourself.

It would be a disaster if the elf had a typical elf name. He should have a name like, “Gluten Free,” “Sugar Blows”, or “Carb Me.” (He should have a name that screams rebel at the north pole.) I’m also picturing a huge tattoo on his back of a broken candy cane. I don’t mean to write the whole freaking story for someone, but of course the big confrontation in the second act will be when the rebellious elf uses a premise at open mic night that directly challenges Santa (see the illustration above). That’s it. I’m not giving you any more ideas. Just know that if I told you what I have in mind for the third act, it might ruin Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Holidays!

Seasons Greetings!

Happy Kwanzaa!

To all seven (7) readers of The IP Section Blog, be safe, and see you next year!

What Happens When Santa Has an Open Mic Night for Elf Comedians?

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